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This listing is for Prickle the Rat.


Prickle has been sewn entirely by hand. He has been made from a soft natural mohair fabric and created following a traditional teddy bear fashion, including cotter pin joints so that his head, arms and legs can be moved and posed into position. His body and tail have been stuffed with steel pellets and wool, so he is sturdy and has a slight weight to him when held. His whiskers are made from horse tail hairs, which have been delicately stitched into place. His striped trousers, velvet jacket and strawberry print shirt have been hand dyed and grass stained, to add to his vintage look.

Prickle the Circus Rat


    Approx 15cm (Width) x 25cm (Height)



    Mohair, 100% Cotton Outfit, Faux Leather Shoes, Glass eyes, 100% Merino Sheep Wool, Cotter Pin Joints.


    Please note that this is not a toy. It is not suitable for children. 

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