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My name is Emily and I am a textile artist based in West Yorkshire, UK. My work is focused on whimsical creatures made from fabrics, threads and paint.


I was that little girl with the grass stained knees, muddy fingernails, hair full of twigs and flushed cheeks from the cold fresh air. Every evening after school, you would find me in the garden, tucked away up in the branches of my favourite wonky willow tree. I’d sit silently and watch the garden as it came to life. All of a sudden, I’d jump down from the branch and rush over to the hedgerows where I’d begin to forage for little treasures. I loved to make things. Perfumes made from rose petals and soil, fairy traps, witches potions and snail gardens. Being outside, creating whatever wild things my mind could imagine, whilst the birds and bees flutter around me was, and still is my idea of enchantment.


Every piece I create is imbued with my love for the natural world.

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