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Please note, this is a PREORDER. Orders will be shipped on 15th December.



This Sewing Box is to be used in conjunction with The Bumble Bee Masterclass course. This item does not

include any instructions on how to create a Bumble Bee.


The Sewing Box includes enough supplies to create 2 x Bumble Bees. Please note, not all items listed on The Bumble Bee Masterclass supplies list is included within this box. Please read to the end of this description to see which items are not included



The Sewing Box includes:

2 x Pair of printed acetate wings


10 x Pins

2 x Milliners needles

Toy Stuffing

Black sewing cotton

Black, White + Yellow faux fur

1mm Gauge Silver wire

0.5mm Gauge Black wire

Black yarn

Black Polymer clay


The Sewing Box DOES NOT include:

Pencil | Scissors | White sewing cotton | Flat nose pliers | Wire cutters | Ruler | Toothbrush | Sculpting tools | Gel Super Glue | Bicarbonate/Baking Powder | Black Acrylic Paint | Paint Brush | Mod Podge | Chalk Pastels | Craft Knife | Tracing Paper | Printer Paper + Printer | Oven

Sewing Box

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